Foam or rubber surrounds?

We have rubber surround surrounds, but they are less in demand compared to foam surround rims. A hanging surround is an essential part of the speaker unit and it could sound completely different with a rubber surround  instead of a foam surround. The advantage of rubber is that it does not decompose. This is partially true; however, rubber may dry out and/or harden. The foam surround we offer are made of quality material and durable. The following text is a direct quote from the Dutch edition of the book ‘The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook‘ by Vance Dickason. This is not just any book, but a Bible among books used by designers of loudspeakers:

--- For this reason the surround is an essential part of the cone construction, and also a part that in an important way is reponsibleresponsible for the frequency- charateristicscharacteristics –-

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