Shipment / Packing

Shipment / Packing

The shipping and handling costs including VAT for deliveries that fits in the mailbox (up to 10 inches)>

- Within the Netherlands € 3,95
- Specified within other country in Europe: € 6.95
- Within other country (US / CA): € 5.74 (excluding VAT)

If the parts are greater than 10 inches (11 to 18 inches)>
- Within the Netherlands € 7,95
- Specified within other country's in EU: € 9,95
- Within other country (US / CA): € 22,30 (excluding VAT)

Glue and brushes are free shipping. This is for customers who have forgotten to add these ones.

We ship foam surrounds loudspeakers > 5 inch only in hard cardboard packaging. We find this necessary, since the post can ± 30 kg of other post add above the surrounds for a long time. In addition, the sealing strips on doors can also damage speakers foam surrounds.

The cost we pay for PayPal passed on to customers. If you overwrite the money is free of charge.

Invoices: You will become automaticly a invoice from our webshop with VAT and VAT-ID-number. If that's not enough, and you want a handmade invoice in PDF this will cost 4,95 Euro < 100 Euro for the by us made costs.

Under normal circumstances, will send the  within 0-5 business days after payment. In practice, this is 0-3 business days usually. We can’t foresee the circumstances at the post and have the post unfortunately not under our control, as any business can’t.