Refoam / repair your own speakers with high quality foam / rubber surrounds!

About Audiofriends

Audiofriends was founded by Fred Buist in 1998 as a hobby site. And that's
actually remained. Hifi is in our genes.

We regularly experiment with better high fidelity as Accuphase, Audio Research, Thiel, Goldmund, Totem but "oldies" as the IMF RSPM4 and Leak 2060 Fred Buist worked at RAF, was a member of the Association of Historical Radio, Audio Club Nunspeet and Beofriends.

High quality is very important to Audiofriends. That you can see over here:


House rules, please don't:

What we call a 'attitude problem', like:

- 'item has not been received and I am getting very fed up of waiting negative back will be left, I require a refund please' - 'rhaine5'

(After 3 business days, shipped within 1 business day).
We are NOT the post or your postman.

- Threat wird feedback.

- Use eBay to solve the problem (For instance open a eBay/PayPal case.)

- What we call 'attitude problem'. Indecent language with '!!!!', '????', or UPPERCASE LETTERS.

- Every other thing that may damage Audiofriends / eBay/PayPal otherwise.