Refoam / repair your own speakers with high quality foam / rubber surrounds!

News 11 September 2019

11 september 2019:
THE rubber surround 4"AF-86B (specially manufactured for Audiofriends out of natural rubber) for your Bang & Olufsen C30, C40, C50, C75 and CX100:

7 May 2019:
23 April 2019:
Hints for various speaker repairs:
- Restore CDs.
- Speaker clotch replace.

17 april 2019: New website for all yor refoam-manuals:
17 april 2019: New - well tested - flat foam surround for the Audax MHD12 P25. Perfect shape and perfect sound. Only at Audiofriends.

4 July 2018: New: You can now also search the list 'Surrounds by size' at the left in the webshop.

4 juni 2018: B&O Beolab 6000/3500 manual / video simple total repair with rubber surrounds and sealing material:

10 March 2018: B&O Penta new manual / video:

28 december 2017: Syringe

21 december 2017: for all our manuals in video and PDF.

December 2017: Manual-videos from Audiofriends overview on Youtube.
November 2017: Audiofriends is completely SSL-protocol safe:
November 2017: New repair video on YouTube in English

October 2017: New flat edges for the Audax PR17, MHD17, HD17, PRD17 manufactured by Audiofriends. Sizes and material identical to original.

September 2017: New video for the repair of the plastic surrounds into rubber surrounds of the B&O Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000 and Beolab 3500 with voice-over (English) and more information:

September 2017: New video for the repair of the plastic surrounds into rubber surrounds of the B&O Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000 and Beolab 3500:

September 2017: We have manufactured the perfect rubber surrounds for replacement of the surrounds of the Bowers & Wilkins Sorrente series. These gray surrounds often become hard and at the end tear apart. Audiofriends also made a matching video to make simple tools a perfect result:

April 2017: Coming soon: rubber surrounds special made for the Bowers & Wilkins Sorrento speaker sersies...

October 2016: Special made surrounds by Audiofriends for the SEAS F-M11. The surround is called AF-SE.

Januari 2016: New surrounds made by Audiofriends: for Grundig 7 inch speakers (Audiorama 4000/8000 etc.), Fostex 180N, Vifa 6,5 inch and others.

December 2015: We take no more orders to private persons adressed to a company. This because of major problems by receiving the goods.

December 2015: many new surrounds

September 2015: Because the 'login' function gives problems most times by using it as giving there new address, we removed this feature.

April 2015: New 'inverted' foam surround for Peerless KO40MRF. See also

January 2015: New 2"FO-2 for the Focal tweeters. t = 1,0mm.

Oktober 2014: New 5"KFO-X, genuine very flexible rubber surrounds for the KEF B110 and Bang & Olufsen Penta.

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