Shipping costs

Shipping costs?

The shipping and handling costs are a loss for us. These costs paid by you are counted by the tax authorities as income by the tax, and in addition to 21% VAT, we must pay approximately 37 - 50% income tax on them.

If Audiofriends sends by standard mail, please keep in mind that points are used in the Netherlands. Shipping outside the Netherlands up to 100 grams is 3 points, from 100 - 350 grams is 5 points. A letterbox package with 3 points currently costs 4.50 Euro shipping costs excluding VAT. On this previous link you can also see the rates to other countries.

In addition, there are handling costs, which go beyond packaging alone. We do not work with volunteers.

The payment costs for PayPal, for example, are also relatively low. For example, if an order of 30 Euro is placed, the customer must pay 0.35 + 3.5% = 1.40 Euro payment costs. Audiofriends must pay approximately 37 - 50% income tax on this 1.40 Euro in addition to 21% VAT.

Audiofriends also does not think it fair to let customers who do not use PayPal pay for customers who would like to use PayPal, etc.

Thank you for your understanding.